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Brand Dashboard and analytics

Did you know that on average 18% of an organisation’s value is made up of the value of the brand? Despite this, the actual brand value is often difficult to make tangible. So, how do you gain insight into the performance of your brand? And what exactly does your brand contribute to your organisation? The board room will expect hard facts and figures, especially when investments in the brand need to be made.

We help you to map your brand’s performance through the Brand Dashboard. The Brand Dashboard provides real-time insights into brand analytics and is tailored to best suit the needs and structure of your organisation. Data sourced from a range of tools, systems and channels is collected and displayed in one clear, central dashboard.

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The Brand Dashboard also shows your brand’s performance during different phases of the brand funnel such as, brand presence, brand loyalty and brand engagement. Based on these brand analytics, you can see exactly how the various channels and brand carriers perform and what they contribute to the overall brand performance. Using these insights, you will be able to optimise your brand strategy and better inform key stakeholders about the value of your brand.

Our experts are always on hand to help you to link all relevant data and set up the Brand Dashboard within the organisation. In addition, we perform an analysis of the results for you every quarter, so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your personal Brand Dashboard.

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