Full brand experience

  • The physical branding of places of work and retail sites are a critical part of the brand’s perception and customer/employee relationship. VIM Group offers a comprehensive service advising clients on all aspects of the brand experience. From the smallest brand touch point such as access cards or USB sticks, through to large scale digital displays and signage, we focus on bringing your brand to life consistently and effectively, enhancing the brand for your customers and employees alike.

Creating the right impact

  • All visual brand touch points play a crucial role in a person’s overall experience of both the brand and the environment around it. Signage, exterior and interior brand elements have many important functions in customer and employee journeys. For example, a carefully designed wayfinding plan not only helps visitors to reach their desired destination easily, but can also strengthen their perception and awareness of the brand. Smaller touch points that a customer or employee may interact with on a daily basis, such as a notebook, carrier bag, or staff uniform, also help to embed awareness of the brand, and create positive associations between your brand and their day-to-day routine.

Independent advice

  • Whether it is innovative technology, lighting techniques, environmental requirements or sustainable low energy technology, VIM offers ideas and solutions that create the right impact. We will help you to take ideas from the design stage, through supplier sourcing, testing and prototyping technical specifications, and making permit applications, all the way through to production and installation. Throughout this process we will be by your side, ensuring that implementation meets your ambition.

    VIM’s unrivalled experience and expertise matched with its independence – working separately from vendors – ensures the right suppliers are used for the right job at the right price, optimising your total cost of ownership. VIM’s Brand2Manage software is an invaluable tool that helps to oversee the rollout of your brand across multiple locations, brand touch points and channels.