Tailor-made solutions

  • No two brands and organisations are the same. No rebrand project is identical. But whether following a merger, acquisition, brand migration, digitalisation or new strategic positioning, the same factors determine the success of a brand implementation project. Foresight, preparation and coordination critically affect how customers and employees respond to the new brand.

    Many elements come into play when implementing a new brand. It can involve multiple locations and stakeholders across many countries, as well as numerous suppliers for a diverse array of physical and digital channels.

Handled with care

  • A well-executed implementation will depend on bringing all of these elements together. Organisations want reassurance that everything will be properly aligned with the creative vision – on time, and achieving the maximum impact that the budget allows. Our team bring fresh eyes, and an unbiased perspective to your organisation, allowing them to seek out new savings, synergies, and opportunities.

    VIM Group takes care of every aspect of brand implementation. From inception to launch and beyond, we will be by your side, providing support and insight every step of the way. We can help you determine the brand roll out and development strategy that best suits your brand; whether phased in steadily over a period of time or launched in one big, high impact, event. Whatever you are looking to achieve, our dedicated team will manage and coordinate the many components of brand implementation, working across all touch points, at every level.

Allow us to deliver success

  • With VIM’s capability for end-to-end project management comes several bespoke tools fashioned from more than two decades’ experience.

    Our ImpactValuatorTM tool helps clients estimate the cost and time frame of a rebrand before it starts and is a useful asset for making the case to stakeholders within the business. VIM also uses proprietary software to control the implementation process, providing clients with real-time reporting, ensuring that project stays on track.