Brand Technology

Ensure brand coherence and optimise all aspects of your brand management processes. We help you implement the right selection of supportive brand technology and tooling.

Strategic concerns

you might have

Your brand technology tooling selection can transform your brand operations, deliver efficiencies in creating brand assets, and improve overall brand performance.

Learn how to set up a successful brand technology ecosystem in 6 steps.
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  • How do we ensure brand consistency and coherence?
  • How do we store, update, and manage our brand assets more effectively and efficiently?
  • How do we enable our employees to create on-brand content easily?
  • Are we using the best brand software/technology/tools?
  • How do we connect and integrate our brand technology solutions?
  • How do we measure brand performance in real-time?

What we deliver

to your organisation

We provide comprehensive support for all your brand technology needs – from choosing the right solutions to ensuring the smooth implementation, management, and maintenance of tools across your organisation.  

  • Brand Technology

    We maximise the core functionalities of your brand technology tools by connecting them in an integrated technology ecosystem that lets you expand your tools’ core capabilities and optimise your brand management processes. 

  • Brand Technology

    We provide you objective advice on brand technology vendors based on a tailored analysis of your organisation’s needs.  

  • Implementation, Integration, and Management

    We support you with the technical implementation, integration, and long-term maintenance and management of your brand technology solutions.

The solutions

we work with

VIM Group digital experts can help you select, setup, implement, customise, and maintain the following brand technology solutions:

  • Digital Asset Management

    Store, manage, and organise all your brand assets in one convenient platform.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Ensure proper brand application and coherence across all touchpoints with brand guidelines tooling.

  • Collaboration and Workflows

    Streamline workflows and optimise the brand asset creation process with a practical solution for workflow management.

  • Content and Template Management

    Ensure on-brand communications across all channels with content and template management tooling.

  • Brand Analytics

    Measure and monitor your brand performance with ease and accuracy in one clear brand dashboard.

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