Advance of technology

  • The rapid integration of digital technology into our daily lives provides many new opportunities for brands to reach and engage their customers. But it also poses numerous challenges.

    Companies want to know the best channels and technology for their business and audience segments. Digitisation also requires different business strategies and models because the technology itself has a profound impact on the experience of the brand. Then there is the question of how best to manage increasingly diverse channels and assets, and how to ensure the business is equipped and motivated to use them correctly – upholding the brand’s consistency and distinctiveness.

Full digital scope

  • VIM Group enables clients to get the most out of their digital and brand technology. We take a holistic approach, by first examining and auditing your organisation’s current situation – across all digital channels, ICT and brand. Once we have gained these digital insights we then help to deliver your brand experience in line with how customer journeys, behaviours and expectations are developing.

Technology software

  • We can help you select digital solutions and systems that are future proof. Solutions that can sustain the brand and help it to adapt as digital habits and technologies evolve and develop. VIM also provides solutions for centralising digital brand assets, such as the use of brand portals and management platforms. These tools will help you to take control of your brand, especially when language, location and structure can lead to a fragmented organisation and marketing activities. We can also give insight and recommendations into selecting and implementing a suitable MRM system, or even integrating cutting edge digital experiences into a retail space.

    On top of our expertise and pioneering spirit, VIM’s brand services are supported by the TechnologyValuator™ tool. This proprietary software maps out a brand’s future ambitions against its current position, providing a list of actions and timings to help achieve your vision.