Rebrand Support

Apply strategy and rigour to the brand change or rebranding process to maximise impact.

Strategic concerns

you might have

The costs and resources needed to implement brand change/rebrand are significant, therefore strategic oversight is required to deliver impact.

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  • How do we resource for the rebrand when we don’t have internal capacity?
  • Where do we find best practices?
  • What should the roles and responsibilities be in the rebrand project?
  • How do we best manage costs and find savings?
  • How do we find the best suppliers or vendors?

What we deliver

to your organisation

We have a global network of project managers and technical subject matter experts that help organisations deploy the most effective implementation strategy. We work alongside internal and external partners to execute rebranding so it’s delivered on-time, on-budget and has maximum impact.

  • Master

    We make sense of workstreams, responsibilities and timelines with a comprehensive plan for implementation.

  • Project

    We provide project management services and technical subject matter experts to work alongside your internal teams and ensure smooth delivery.

  • Procurement &
    vendor strategies

    We provide unbiased recommendations on the best suppliers to support your brand change with a focus on total cost of ownership.

  • Manufacturing &

    We understand how your brand should be translated across all brand touchpoints and channels. We can oversee applied technical design, prototyping and development, and provide manufacture and installation supervision.

  • Value

    We apply a smart, systematic and organised approach and change brand touchpoints according to optimal impact, high quality and the lowest possible costs for production and maintenance.

  • Cost management
    - BrandBase™

    Ensure optimal total cost of ownership and control in your rebranding programme by using our ISO-certified online project and asset management tool BrandBase™.

Rebrand Consultation Session

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