Rebrand Support

Reduce risks and maximise efficiencies across every phase of the rebranding process. We provide strategic insight and support from planning to implementation. 

Strategic concerns

you might have

The costs and resources needed to implement brand change/rebrand are significant; therefore, strategic oversight is required to deliver impact.

Follow our 7-step approach.
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  • How do we resource for the rebrand when we don’t have internal capacity?
  • Where do we find best practices?
  • What should the roles and responsibilities be in the rebrand project?
  • How do we best manage costs and find savings?
  • How do we find the best suppliers or vendors?

What we deliver

to your organisation

We have a global network of project managers and technical subject matter experts to help you deploy the most effective implementation strategy. We work alongside internal and external partners to execute rebranding, so it’s delivered on time, on budget and has maximum impact.

  • Cost, Savings,
    and Risk

    We help you make informed decisions for your planned brand change with a comprehensive analysis of its overall impact and assess different rebranding outcomes based on feasibility, resources, and associated risks. 

  • Brand Change Planning and Roadmaps

    We map out every phase of your brand change project with a detailed implementation roadmap and a blueprint of your project workstreams, responsibilities, and timelines. 

  • Brand Change
    Project Management

    Ensure the smooth and timely execution of your brand change project with our expert project and programme management and technical support. 

  • Agency and Supplier

    Make the best choice for your brand agency and supplier needs with our unbiased recommendations.  

  • Manufacturing and Installation Supervision

    Ensure the practical suitability and correct application of the brand across touchpoints with the help of our technical experts who will oversee every phase of the production process – from design to installation. 

  • Brand Touchpoint Assessment and Value Engineering

    We provide you with a smart, systematic, and organised assessment of your brand touchpoints to ensure high-quality, optimal impact and the lowest possible cost for production and maintenance. 

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