Future-Proof Your Brand

Marc Cloosterman & Laurens Hoekstra

Data-driven insights to implement, manage, and optimise your brand performance

  • About the book

    When talking about brands, most people focus on brand strategy and how it should be applied, but the sustainable implementation and management of a brand is just as important.

    The book, 'Future Proof Your Brand', has been written for a C-level audience; to create a clear overview of considerations and processes involved in improving and changing a brand – an organisation’s most valuable intangible asset.

    Based on more than 25 years of international experience, Marc Cloosterman and Laurens Hoekstra share their vision on the impact of changes in the world of Brand Management, accompanied by insights into brands from their Business Management perspective.

Free Expert Guide: 8 Tips to Future-Proof Your Brand

Did you know that your brand represents 18% of the value of your organisation? How do you ensure that your brand continues to perform well in a rapidly changing world?

Download our free guide, containing eight practical tips for a future-proof brand – based on best practices and insights from brand experts in leading organisations.

Future-Proof Your Brand

Interview Series

Find out how brand experts from leading organisations like Air France-KLM, Atos, ING and Merck future-proof their brand.

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