Aegon looked to introduce new lighting technology to provide better readability, lower power consumption and lower maintenance costs.

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  • The client's challenge

    Aegon has a leading position in both the business and private markets. The organisation has an active brand policy, including sponsorship.

    Aegon wanted to get more impact from its branding at various Aegon locations by expanding and improving the brand’s visibility, and making their existing illuminated signage stand out.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group analysed the existing light advertisements and reviewed the basic lightbulb construction to create new innovative and durable lighting techniques and new text and logo.

    One of the innovative aspects was that at night the contour lines of the logo are highlighted, making both the text and logo sharperand more legible. The new lighting technology was applied to 24 locations.

  • The results

    The legibility of the illuminated signage increased by 35%. Because only the text and logo were sharpened, the light rays shine less light on the environment, reducing light pollution. Furthermore, energy consumption has fallen by 65% ​​and maintenance costs have fallen by 60%. Aegon has chosen a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

    Aegon recouped their investment within a few years. In the meantime, Aegon has also incorporated the management and maintenance of the illuminated signage.