Airbus Group

VIM Group ensured a smooth launch in a short time frame spanning 11 Airbus Group sites across Europe.

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  • The client's challenge

    The Airbus brand is not just a logo, it represents the culture, personality and services of the Airbus Group and the way these are delivered.

    Airbus Group with about 140,000 employees, decided to unify its branding and to create a more monolythical brand architecture, renaming its head office and non-Airbus branded divisions.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group supported the preparation of the most important touch points in time for the upcoming launch date, set two months ahead.

    We also project managed the roll-out of multiple touch points, including wayfinding, signage and many interior elements. Our role was also to advise Airbus Group with their brand management governance.

VIM Group's support was invaluable during an intense period of just three months from conception to launch. Management expectations were high across the Group, and working together, they provided a guidance and calm assurance that we were on the right track, paying attention to detail to enable a smooth launch.

Jeff Burridge, Head of Brand, Online and Employee Comms
  • The results

    A clear wayfinding and signage strategy was adopted across the business, making the most of the latest technologies and materials.