Coop looked to implement its new visual identity and to follow through on its brand promise.

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  • The client's challenge

    Coop is a Dutch supermarket organisation with a cooperative structure. As a result, the organisation occupies a unique place in Dutch food retailing. Members of the cooperative are also consumers and entrepreneurs. Coop has about 300 supermarkets operating under the brands CoopCompact, Coop and Supercoop.

    In early 2012, Coop decided to revise the three brands and provide a contemporary look and a new brand promise. In order to translate the new look into the stores, design agency, SVT, developed a new creative concept.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group was asked to secure the brand guidelines and store elements in a booklet, ensuring brand consistency in the future.

    After setting up a project organisation, VIM have transformed the creative concept into all interior and exterior elements. VIM worked through layout drawings and facades, and rolled out a number of pilot locations. In this process, we have collaborated closely with numerous internal and external disciplines such as commerce, communications, operations, construction agencies, marcomms, design agencies and suppliers.

    The evaluation of this pilot formed the basis for drafting application guidelines for the 3D brand carriers. Subsequently, the programme has been rolled out to about 20 sites, throughout which the application guidelines and technical specifications have been tightened and finally determined.

  • The results

    With a more comprehensive and integrated approach, more structure has come into play. Coop now have better cooperation within their different disciplines, helping the quality, efficiency and speed of implementation.

    Looking inside out, we now have insights from the customer and executive parties. By regularly challenging the status quo, VIM have taken the project to the next level. We have also strengthened the brand within the organisation and made the transition of the brand positioning to the experience on the shop floor.

    The converted stores are performing above expectations and both customers and employees are excited by this. Partly because of this success, Coop is accelerated to build out the remaining stores.