EY wavespace

Facilitating the implementation of the EY wavespace brand.

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  • The client’s challenge

    Professional services company EY developed wavespace: a new physical, mental and digital space where, together with their clients, they can ask questions and explore innovative ideas which will help them navigate this transformative age. To distinguish the wavespace and EY brands from each other, across shared office environments and various digital platforms, it was important that EY created a new identity for wavespace.

    VIM Group was commissioned to create brand guidelines for the new and already open EY wavespace locations. These were used as a Dressing Kit, describing ‘required items’ and ‘optional items’, including instructions on how and where to install them. Furthermore, VIM Group was commissioned to facilitate the items offered via sourcing, production, shipping and installation.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group developed three ‘Dressing Kit’ brand guideline documents for EY wavespace: the flagship documents, satellite documents and pop up – an exhibition in a box concept – documents. These documents act as brand tool kits which implement the right brand elements in the right environments. They also offer a clear distinction between spaces while retaining the brand identity.

    VIM Group provided location plans which were created from data collected during onsite surveys and information provided by Office Managers. This information was used to create an applied design: a ‘to-be’ concept, which included measurements and specifications. As required, VIM Group’s location plan services arranged or facilitated the implementation across locations.

    EY also utilises our BrandBase online tool which allows them to centrally control processes and ensure coherency, while facilitating local implementation. It enables greater efficiency with up-to-date insights and reporting, it can be accessed from anywhere, and it supports each stage of the process – from surveys to orders.

  • The results

    The roll out of the new identity helped EY develop a unique wavespace environment with its own identity, reflecting the transformative age they are communicating and developing. The number of locations is growing rapidly and will continue to do so in the coming years.

    Whether you visit a site in Shanghai, New York or Paris the brand experience will be coherent during the visitor journey.