Supporting the design, production and installation of ATMs from various Dutch banks to one central brand: Geldmaat.

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  • The client's challenge

    In 2019, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank, three major banks in the Netherlands, introduced a new independent ATM brand, Geldmaat. In the Netherlands, cash is being used less and less as a payment method so the use of ATMs is decreasing. The purpose of the collaboration between banks and Geldmaat was to keep cash available and safe for the long-term, with ease of use for private and business users as the dominant goal.

    The new ATMs needed a strong, uniform brand identity, meaning that existing ATMs would also be rebranded into the new look. Given the role of Geldmaat within Dutch society – keeping cash available and accessible –, visibility and reliability of these ATMs was essential. To reach these goals, Geldmaat sought specialist knowledge and support for the rebrand of ATM locations, both inside and out. Due to its extensive experience in complex rebrand processes, VIM Group was selected by Geldmaat as their implementation partner for the full rollout of the new design.

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In stores, people increasingly pay with digital tools. But the need to pay with cash or to deposit money remains. That is why we work together with banks to create a joint ATM-network that will be spread out evenly across the Netherlands. These ATMs will all work and look the same. This way, we make sure cash is available to everyone.

Erik Kwakkel, CEO at Geldmaat
  • Our solution

    As a “turnkey” project, VIM Group supervised Geldmaat during the entire process. Prior to the production and implementation of the new ATMs, Geldmaat went through a naming process with Globrands and collaborated with Superunion on brand positioning and brand identity. Our specialists then translated the 2D brand identity into 3D prototype brand carriers for various shapes and sizes. The objective was to follow the elaborate brand element design as much as possible while at the same time, meeting the set requirements of resistance to vandalism, maintainability and efficiency in the production process.

    During the technical design, various materials and production technologies were considered and tested. The extensive knowledge of our technical specialists resulted in a 3D ATM frame made of stainless steel and vacuum-formed elements. All of the materials used have a NANO coating, which makes them dirt-repellent and able to withstand graffiti. Despite using high-end materials, we ensured a low-cost price and simplified maintenance plan with the right selection of suppliers and producers, without making compromises in the appearance of the ATMs.

    VIM’s project managers are currently planning and supervising the step-by-step rollout of the new Geldmaat machines. Based on the developed branded elements, technical drawings and specifications, VIM Group has issued an international tender for the production and installation of the new branded hardware. From this tender, the most suitable suppliers have been selected for the development processes, in consultation with Geldmaat.

    To initiate the rebranding of locations, VIM Group compiled an inventory of all locations, worked out plans and handled permit applications with the municipalities, where necessary. Production and installation is professionally controlled based on location plans. To ensure cooperation and good communication practices and the storage and sharing of documents, BrandBase™ was used: VIM’s proprietary ISO-certified online project and asset management tool. As a result, the project is tightly managed and its daily status is constantly updated, giving full insight into the deployment process.

  • The results

    Our cooperation with Geldmaat and approved suppliers has resulted in ATMs with a new, recognisable brand image that meets all requirements on quality, sustainability, maintenance and costs.

    During the course of 2019, we began replacing ATMs step-by-step, enabling the new Geldmaat brand to become increasingly visible on Dutch streets. The success of the rollout lies in good cooperation between all parties: from Geldmaat as the client and the producers of frames and signage elements, through to mechanics taking care of installation. By working together and sharing information via BrandBase™, all parties involved in the project are constantly updated on its progress. As a result, the rollout of the new Geldmaat brand has run smoothly and the rebranding – despite the complexity and large-scale scope of the project – is carried out within budget and by the timelines specified by Geldmaat. The full rebrand is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

The average marketing or communication professional is part of a rebrand at most once or twice in his or her career. VIM Group specialists have all the knowledge and experience that is required in a complex and large-scale project like this. All processes are managed smoothly and cooperation with suppliers and key stakeholders runs smoothly. VIM Group takes on the burden for many areas and important milestones are achieved within the rebrand project on time and within budget.

Janneke Rijpstra, (former) Head Communication & Public Affairs at Geldmaat