Hoffmann Group

VIM Group created an overview of all of Hoffmann Group brands’ contact points and an analysis of the cost for maintaining and updating these touch points.

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  • The client's challenge

    The Hoffmann Group, headquartered in Munich, is a group of companies active in the sale and manufacture of professional quality tools and factory equipment, also offering the associated consulting and services. In 2018, the group employed around 3,000 people and had around 135,000 customers in over 50 countries.

    The traditional family-owned company is paving the way for a successful future by putting the brand promise and brand experience to the test. VIM Group was commissioned to assess the financial and organisational consequences of a brand adaptation and create a robust business case.

    A further requirement was to consider several rebrand scenarios, each with varying degrees of change, and to calculate these scenarios individually.

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  • Our solution

    As part of a brand audit, all Hoffmann Group brands’ internal and external touch points were identified and documented. The requirements of the touch points were then analysed and calculated in relation to the various rebrand scenarios (Impact Analysis).

    In addition to the financial impact, the organisational impact on the company was also taken into account.

We were totally happy with the support of VIM Group. They went into the details, convinced us with your professionalism, and avoided the typical consultant hubris with their pragmatic approach. For the first time we now have a clear overview of our brand touch points and know what to look out for when rebranding.

Stefan Hannusch, Senior VP Marketing at Hoffmann Group
  • The results

    With our approach, we were able to quickly provide Hoffmann Group with a reliable basis upon which to create a business case for their potential rebrand.

    Additionally, in the course of our analysis we identified considerable savings potential for the future maintenance and update of the brand touch points.