How do you launch a high-tech, concept store without exposing the big reveal?

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  • The client's challenge

    With the steady advance of converging technology, customers increasingly expect a more seamless experience between digital channels and the physical shop experience of the brand. Dutch telecom company, KPN, identified an opportunity for its sales and service offering by pulling together all its channels to create a concept store that provided customers with a 360-degree – physical and digital – brand experience.

    Such a sophisticated concept store needed to be flexible to adapt to future technologies and changes in the way that products are displayed. It also needed to be a dynamic space, that was comfortable to be in, and where customers could enjoy spending time in different ways.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group supported the process of development, preparation and implementation of the pilot stores. Managing a multichannel, multi-experience programme involved working with many different partners to design and build the retail space. VIM guarded the vision and concept and enabled all involved parties to contribute their part of the project without exposing the whole concept before it launched. All of this was successfully achieved within time, budget and to the high standard required.

  • The results

    The outcome is a radical new retail space where the digital KPN world easily meets the physical. By encouraging experimentation with the products and services in the shop, the store has the capability to interpret the demands and wishes of KPN customers. This, in turn, informs the way the company delivers its services.