A well-engineered set of signage and wayfinding elements, creating a positive and consistent brand experience for visitors in and around the Mediclinic hospitals.

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  • The client's challenge

    South-African based Mediclinic is the sixth largest private hospital group in the world, operating hospitals and clinics in South Africa, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

    Over the last decade, the company acquired several domestic and international hospital groups. Mediclinic decided to unite all its hospitals under one brand.

    As part of this rebranding project, VIM were given the task of translating 2D creative work into 3D physical products, as well as prototyping, engineering and describing these products.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group developed the new Mediclinic ‘signage family’, including prototyping, value engineering and technical specifications. In addition, we were asked to lead the implementation at Mediclinic’s ten main facilities in South Africa, as well as to create its signage application guidelines, covering all Mediclinic’s exterior and interior signage and wayfinding.

    In line with our global-for-local philosophy, an experienced international VIM Group team of 3D specialists worked closely together with the client and a local signage manufacturer. The latter is one of our ‘trusted partners’, of which we have many worldwide, allowing us to conduct project activities in close physical proximity to our customer’s home base. Together, we have developed and engineered products that are both cost efficient – from a ‘total cost of ownership’ perspective – and brand compliant, including the required international visual appearance.

  • The results

    VIM’s signage application guidelines were designed to support Mediclinic with the implementation of signage and wayfinding as part of its extensive refurbishment and development programme, ensuring a consistent brand experience for customers across hospitals in the various countries.

    The result is a well-engineered, fresh and international set of new signage and wayfinding elements, including detailed application guidelines, to be used by Mediclinic to unite its hospitals and employees under one brand, and to create a positive and consistent brand experience for visitors in and around its hospitals.