Roll out support for the new brand of the Tele Columbus Group.

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  • The client's challenge

    Germany’s cable operator, Tele Columbus, has re-introduced itself as PΫUR. The brands Tele Columbus and Primacom began to operate using the new name from October. They also bring the leading regional brands, Cablesurf and HL komm, under the umbrella of the new name during the first quarter of 2018.

    As the third largest operator in the German cable network market, PΫUR aims to strengthen its position, enhance marketing efficiency and boost employee engagement purposes by operating under one, unified, brand name. The name PΫUR symbolises “clarity, humanity and performance”. These values are reflected in new, high performance and no-frills products and flexible contract periods, which were available as of October 2017.

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  • Our solution

    The new name and branding was developed by creative agency, Foundry. VIM Group worked closely with Tele Columbus to set up defined workstreams, scoped by clusters of brand touch points. These workstreams were then responsible for the implementation of those particular elements. During the roll out of the new brand identity, from brand development to brand launch, VIM provided project management and subject matter expertise which resulted in a qualitative brand launch on time and budget.

    Once the brand name and corporate identity were defined, we introduced a ‘traffic desk’. The traffic desk was the single point of contact between the agency and the Tele Columbus workstreams and helped to streamline the brand touch point creation and implementation process.

  • The reults

    With VIM’s guidance, the PŸUR brand was launched on time and smoothly implemented across the offline and online channels, across all brand touch points, on time and on budget.

Unifying five different consumer-facing brands under a new mono brand was a massive and complex challenge. It was clear to me that we needed the support of brand implementation professionals. VIM Group provided us a small team of experts to lead the project, prioritising and coordinating the activities of two external partners and 14 internal departments across the three different business units/companies. VIM’s unrivalled experience, pragmatism, attention-to-detail, and calmness-under-pressure enabled us, against all odds, to complete the PŸUR rebrand on time and within budget.

Tobias Schmidt, Chief Marketing Officer