The development, roll out and management of Skyteam signage at 1,000 airports worldwide.

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  • The client's challenge

    SkyTeam is an international alliance of 19 airlines. The SkyTeam airlines’ network offers connections to 1,000 destinations in 187 countries with 15,000 daily flights.

    The presentation of the SkyTeam brand at airports around the world is of great importance. Because of this, global brand signage such as depots, carpets, desk boards and totems needed to be developed and managed by Skyteam and SkyPriority.

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  • Our solution

    VIM Group was involved in the SkyTeam project from the preparatory phase. VIM used “value engineering” improvements and simplifications in both the design and the material selection of the signage. As a result, these elements became more sustainable and are produced at a lower cost. Furthermore, VIM were involved in the international tender and found a supplier that produces the signage for the best price/quality ratio.

    VIM charted the data of 1,000 airports and recorded the information on an online brand management tool developed in-house. The tool features a webshop where station managers at the airports can record and request signage elements. VIM took care of the logistic operation on behalf of SkyTeam.

  • The results

    Within six months, more than 6,000 signage elements were installed across the global airport network, greatly improving the exposure of the SkyTeam brand. Furthermore, SkyTeam, with its online tool, is able to successfully manage its brand in the future. Due to VIM’s assistance with the tender process, value engineering and efficient rollout, Skyteam have saved 28% on previous costs.