A brand manager’s field of work is complex. For example, how do you make sure the brand is playing an effective role in each layer of the organisation? The reward for having a strongly organised brand is clear: the brand experience is aligned to the brand promise and to all business units.

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Here are 7 quick tips for brand management:

1. Inventory

Start with an inventory. Ask internal and external stakeholders about their experience with the brand. Does this match the brand promise? You can discover important information from what stakeholders tell you about their experiences. Particularly, those experiences which influenced the brand evaluation, positively or negatively?

2. Brand promise

Check if the current brand promise is still relevant and distinctive.

If not, then customise it. The brand promise should be defined so that everyone in the company can adopt it. Both for the development of products, services and communications.

3. Brand touch point analysis

Analyse each brand touch point. To what extent is the brand promise accredited? This is a good time to check if the brand is adequately protected legally.

4. Brand Ambassador

Find out who in the organisation can play a role in managing the brand. It’s important to appoint several brand ambassadors internally.

5. Brand experience

Find out how each brand touch point contributes to brand awareness. These are the touch points where the promise can be made concrete. Also look at the processes. For example, the complaint procedure: does it match the brand promise?

6. Evaluation

Add the evaluation of the brand experience to all surveys, such as image or customer satisfaction research.

7. Steps

Work to a structured roadmap. Follow up on any action improvement points arising out of the previous tips.

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