VIM Group joins Farner International

The next step in creating an entrepreneur-led pan-European management consultancy for communications

Swiss communications consulting group Farner International, has acquired Netherlands-based brand change specialists VIM Group as part of their journey to build an entrepreneur-led, pan-European, integrated communications consulting firm.

Farner International has evolved into the most complete and market-leading communications consulting firm in Switzerland in recent years. Earlier this year Farner announced expansion plans, with the aim of building a European group of firms around the brand Farner. This move is a response to a growing need among clients for complete communication solutions in different markets. The digital and integrated approach of Farner and its ambition to build “national champions” in leading European markets will be combined with the specialised mix of comprehensive communications- and brand transformation- and brand technology services.

Farner’s ambitious multi-year plan is backed by Waterland, an independent investment company. Waterland knows the communications market well, has broad digital expertise and has guided an impressive European growth case to success with the digital agency DEPT.

VIM Group is the leading European brand transformation and brand technology firm, operating out of offices in Amsterdam, Hengelo, London and Munich. The firm, founded in 1991, is well known for brand technology implementation and managing global rebrandings for clients such as Bosch, Danske Bank, FIFA, Henkel, Hitachi Energy, ING Group, Merck KGaA, Reckitt, Sanofi, Vattenfall, and Volkswagen.

“We are delighted that VIM Group has chosen to join Farner International and look forward to welcoming VIM’s 85 employees to the Farner team. The addition of their highly specialised expertise and unparalleled experience represents a significant step in our international expansion plans. Consistent with our entrepreneur-led philosophy, VIM’s partners will stay at the helm and have become partners in Farner International”, Roman Geiser, Executive Chairman of Farner International stated. “VIM Group’s focus on developing deep, long-standing relationships with their clients is well-aligned with Farner’s philosophy, and their setup and brand management services are highly complementary to our own.”

Marc Cloosterman, CEO of VIM Group: “My partners and I are thrilled to be joining Farner International. In the stakeholder economy, compounded by increasing digitalisation, organisations have both broader and more complex communication and branding needs, meaning that the role of brand has become significantly more important. The ability to offer additional compelling services for our clients and expanded development opportunities for our colleagues, means that we’re looking forward to continuing our journey more than ever before.”

About Farner International

Farner International is a consortium of leading consultancies that see communication as a key factor in the success of an organisation. The group is led by successful communication entrepreneurs and partners who are themselves active in the consulting business. An international team of the best minds, Farner combines all disciplines of communication such as strategy, reputation management, sustainability communication, branding, brand management, corporate communication, public affairs, marketing communication, behavioural science, advertising, digital and CommTech. With offices in major markets and capitals, Farner’s roots are in Switzerland, where Farner is the market leader in integrated communications. Farner was founded in 1951 and is one of the most established and oldest communication brands in Europe.

About VIM Group

For over 30 years VIM Group’s international team of brand change specialists and technologists has been helping marketing and communication leaders with brand transformation. Working in close collaboration with brand teams and their external partners, VIM Group provide the structure and direction organisations need to plan and execute brand change with confidence, ensuring that costly missteps are avoided, and savings realised. By implementing the appropriate processes, tools, and technology the company facilitates a coherent experience for maximum effect throughout the entire brand journey. Whether analogue or digital, and no matter the scope, scale, or situation, brands are helped to adapt, evolve, and deliver on their promise… Every. Single. Day.