Our expertise

As the leader and innovator in our field, we offer a range of specialist services to help you achieve your goals. From planning and consulting to analysing and executing, we have the knowledge, experience and tools to deliver success.

The value of brand management

  • The success of any organisation is increasingly determined by the strength of its brand. Research shows that the more effectively a brand is managed, the better it will perform, which ultimately will contribute to the value of the organisation. To achieve this, it is important that brands are developed, implemented, and managed with care and attention. But where do you start, and how do you ensure that your organisation is effectively managing your brand?

Setting up your brand organisation

  • A strong brand is embedded throughout its organisation. And although the responsibility for ‘living the brand’ is company-wide, where does the daily management of your brand sit within your company? How do you make sure that the brand values are communicated to your organisation? And how do you make sure that the brand is not limited to the marketing communication department? At VIM Group, we use our experience and knowledge to help you answer these questions, and to help you anchor your brand in your business. Using our Brand Performance Scan, we provide insight into the potential for improvement and translate these insights into concrete activities and a tailor-made strategic brand management plan, allowing you to bring your brand management to the next level.

Strong brands should be both emotional and rational

  • Brand positioning determines the strength of a brand: a strong brand which has noble values and delivers on its promise will connect with people. From our experience, we are aware of what aspects are important when defining your brand positioning. We have developed a methodology that allows us to help you pragmatically translate your brand positioning into starting points for its implementation and management. This ensures that your brand proof points are aligned at an early stage, demonstrating your promise from the start, across all touch points.

A consistent brand experience through coherency across all brand carriers

  • Clarity ensures that consumers know what they can expect from a brand. Every time an audience comes into contact with a brand, they should experience the same feeling and understanding of the brand’s purpose. This is why it is important that the brand building blocks, such as the corporate visual identity, communication messages and behavioural guidelines are well defined. More often than not, these building blocks are developed by several different departments and external parties, it is crucial that this process is well managed. VIM can support your organisation with writing (design) briefs, agency selection processes, and managing the different parties involved, ensuring that the brand is developed and applied consistently. Additionally, we apply our own brand and design architecture methodology, helping businesses structure their brands, labels and sublabels in a way that promotes visual coherency.

From employees to brand ambassadors

  • Every person within an organisation is a brand owner. To ensure that all employees are empowered to apply the brand in the best possible way, brand education deserves care and attention. From onboarding and e-learning to internal branding programmes, every opportunity should be taken to broaden the knowledge of the people within the business. Defining clear brand guidelines is also crucial: all too often these are offline, fragmented, and overly complicated. At VIM, we have developed a methodology for creating guidelines that ensure they are accessible and useful for everyone, both inside and outside of the company.

Strive to improve

  • Brand management is closely linked to brand research. However, although a great deal of time and energy is spent on research, we often see that the results end up left on the shelf and forgotten. VIM helps organisations gain more from their existing research, connecting various studies and analysing data. Then, if required, we can take the process one step further by developing additional research questions and conducting a further investigation. Our Digital Brand Dashboard also helps provide businesses with real-time insight into their brand performance, allowing them to quickly spot areas which require improvement and track their progress.

Tailor-made solutions

  • No two brands and organisations are the same. No rebrand project is identical. But whether following a merger, acquisition, brand migration, digitalisation or new strategic positioning, the same factors determine the success of a brand implementation project. Foresight, preparation and coordination critically affect how customers and employees respond to the new brand.

    Many elements come into play when implementing a new brand. It can involve multiple locations and stakeholders across many countries, as well as numerous suppliers for a diverse array of physical and digital channels.

Handled with care

  • A well-executed implementation will depend on bringing all of these elements together. Organisations want reassurance that everything will be properly aligned with the creative vision – on time, and achieving the maximum impact that the budget allows. Our team bring fresh eyes, and an unbiased perspective to your organisation, allowing them to seek out new savings, synergies, and opportunities.

    VIM Group takes care of every aspect of brand implementation. From inception to launch and beyond, we will be by your side, providing support and insight every step of the way. We can help you determine the brand roll out and development strategy that best suits your brand; whether phased in steadily over a period of time or launched in one big, high impact, event. Whatever you are looking to achieve, our dedicated team will manage and coordinate the many components of brand implementation, working across all touch points, at every level.

Allow us to deliver success

  • With VIM’s capability for end-to-end project management comes several bespoke tools fashioned from more than two decades’ experience.

    Our ImpactValuatorTM tool helps clients estimate the cost and time frame of a rebrand before it starts and is a useful asset for making the case to stakeholders within the business. VIM also uses proprietary software to control the implementation process, providing clients with real-time reporting, ensuring that project stays on track.

Advance of technology

  • The rapid integration of digital technology into our daily lives provides many new opportunities for brands to reach and engage their customers. But it also poses numerous challenges.

    Companies want to know the best channels and technology for their business and audience segments. Digitisation also requires different business strategies and models because the technology itself has a profound impact on the experience of the brand. Then there is the question of how best to manage increasingly diverse channels and assets, and how to ensure the business is equipped and motivated to use them correctly – upholding the brand’s consistency and distinctiveness.

Full digital scope

  • VIM Group enables clients to get the most out of their digital and brand technology. We take a holistic approach, by first examining and auditing your organisation’s current situation – across all digital channels, ICT and brand. Once we have gained these digital insights we then help to deliver your brand experience in line with how customer journeys, behaviours and expectations are developing.

Technology software

  • We can help you select digital solutions and systems that are future proof. Solutions that can sustain the brand and help it to adapt as digital habits and technologies evolve and develop. VIM also provides solutions for centralising digital brand assets, such as the use of brand portals and management platforms. These tools will help you to take control of your brand, especially when language, location and structure can lead to a fragmented organisation and marketing activities. We can also give insight and recommendations into selecting and implementing a suitable MRM system, or even integrating cutting edge digital experiences into a retail space.

    On top of our expertise and pioneering spirit, VIM’s brand services are supported by the TechnologyValuator™ tool. This proprietary software maps out a brand’s future ambitions against its current position, providing a list of actions and timings to help achieve your vision.

Brand Dashboard and analytics

  • Did you know that on average 18% of an organisation’s value is made up of the value of the brand? Despite this, the actual brand value is often difficult to make tangible. So, how do you gain insight into the performance of your brand? And what exactly does your brand contribute to your organisation? The board room will expect hard facts and figures, especially when investments in the brand need to be made.

    We help you to map your brand’s performance through the Brand Dashboard. The Brand Dashboard provides real-time insights into brand analytics and is tailored to best suit the needs and structure of your organisation. Data sourced from a range of tools, systems and channels is collected and displayed in one clear, central dashboard.


Our experts are here to help

  • The Brand Dashboard also shows your brand’s performance during different phases of the brand funnel such as, brand presence, brand loyalty and brand engagement. Based on these brand analytics, you can see exactly how the various channels and brand carriers perform and what they contribute to the overall brand performance. Using these insights, you will be able to optimise your brand strategy and better inform key stakeholders about the value of your brand.

    Our experts are always on hand to help you to link all relevant data and set up the Brand Dashboard within the organisation. In addition, we perform an analysis of the results for you every quarter, so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your personal Brand Dashboard.

Full brand experience

  • The physical branding of places of work and retail sites are a critical part of the brand’s perception and customer/employee relationship. VIM Group offers a comprehensive service advising clients on all aspects of the brand experience. From the smallest brand touch point such as access cards or USB sticks, through to large scale digital displays and signage, we focus on bringing your brand to life consistently and effectively, enhancing the brand for your customers and employees alike.

Creating the right impact

  • All visual brand touch points play a crucial role in a person’s overall experience of both the brand and the environment around it. Signage, exterior and interior brand elements have many important functions in customer and employee journeys. For example, a carefully designed wayfinding plan not only helps visitors to reach their desired destination easily, but can also strengthen their perception and awareness of the brand. Smaller touch points that a customer or employee may interact with on a daily basis, such as a notebook, carrier bag, or staff uniform, also help to embed awareness of the brand, and create positive associations between your brand and their day-to-day routine.

Independent advice

  • Whether it is innovative technology, lighting techniques, environmental requirements or sustainable low energy technology, VIM offers ideas and solutions that create the right impact. We will help you to take ideas from the design stage, through supplier sourcing, testing and prototyping technical specifications, and making permit applications, all the way through to production and installation. Throughout this process we will be by your side, ensuring that implementation meets your ambition.

    VIM’s unrivalled experience and expertise matched with its independence – working separately from vendors – ensures the right suppliers are used for the right job at the right price, optimising your total cost of ownership. VIM’s BrandBase software is an invaluable tool that helps to oversee the rollout of your brand across multiple locations, brand touch points and channels.