Leveraging processes for ROI and efficiency in BrandTech 

| 1 December 2023

Conversations around BrandTech tend to overlook the importance of processes and the powerful role they play in successful brand communication – from enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistency to ultimately driving higher ROI.  

The key role of processes 

Processes are the bedrock of the successful implementation of BrandTech. They provide the necessary structure and organisation that allow tools and people to operate effectively. Without well-defined processes, the potential of BrandTech remains untapped.   

  •  Continuous access management . Ensuring that the access management hierarchy and processes for BrandTech tools are the right fit for a particular organisation’s structure and ways of working is crucial to the BrandTech’s effectiveness.  Those responsible for the technology setup must understand when and how individuals interact with the brand, and this should be reviewed on an ongoing basis, ensuring that users have the right permissions to work efficiently. Regular access checks, like single sign-on (SSO), are essential to maintaining an efficient and secure BrandTech ecosystem.   
  •  Efficiency and ROI calculations. BrandTech investments are part of the journey to boost brand efficiency. However, the beauty of modern BrandTech lies in its ability to measure ROI based on time efficiency. For instance, tools like Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems significantly reduce the time it takes to find the right assets. Calculating ROI involves assessing the time saved and the number of users benefiting from this newfound efficiency. This study , for example, found that companies with over 10,000 users saw a 1,239% return on their investment after implementing a templating tool.  
  •  Consistency and BrandTech . Beyond ROI, BrandTech prioritises consistent brand communication. This distinction sets BrandTech apart from marketing technology (MarTech). While MarTech emphasises returns in digital marketing, BrandTech focuses on using the right assets, communication, tone of voice, and sound to convey the brand’s message consistently. Maintaining a unified brand presence, both internally and externally, is the ultimate goal.   


BrandTech focuses on using the right assets, communication, tone of voice, and sound to convey the brand’s message consistently. Maintaining a unified brand presence, both internally and externally, is the ultimate goal.

  • Managing brand transformations . Brand transformations can be frustratingly complex without the support of a robust BrandTech setup. Smooth transitions are vital to ensure brand elements are applied consistently. BrandTech streamlines this process by systematically replacing old assets with new ones and effectively communicating brand guidelines.   
  • The single source of truth. A well-structured BrandTech setup offers a single source of truth for brand communication. This centralised hub becomes the go-to resource for anyone involved in brand communication, providing the latest assets, messaging and guidelines. This ensures that communication consistently aligns with the brand’s identity.   
  • Adapting and evolving. Brand communication is not static. It evolves over time, and BrandTech, especially its well-defined processes, plays the role of managing this evolution. BrandTech defines the boundaries that prevent communication from straying too far from the core brand identity. It helps maintain evolutionary changes rather than revolutionary ones, ensuring that brand consistency remains intact.   

The idea is that throughout these processes, there can always be someone who might say,Hey, let’s not do this, it goes too far, or let’s adjust a little bit’. So, you stay within that frame.  

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The future of BrandTech lies in effective processes 

 Processes serve as the glue that binds BrandTech tools and people together. They are the enablers of consistency, efficiency and adaptability, working in harmony to optimise brand communication. In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, well-structured processes form the foundation of successful BrandTech strategies. By continuously assessing, optimising and adapting these processes, brands can confidently navigate their ever-changing vast environment, ultimately achieving efficiency and ROI.   

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