Brand Analysis

Distil strategic intent into cost and feasibility and create a business case for brand change or a rebrand.

Strategic concerns

you might have

Considering brand is a strategic asset and central to value-creation, changes present risk and therefore must be investigated in a strategic fashion.

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Calculate my rebrand
  • What would brand change cost?
  • Can we explore different rebrand scenarios?
  • How do we organise ourselves and resource?
  • How do we minimise costs and impact?
  • In what ways can we measure and increase brand value and performance?

What we deliver

to your brand and organisation

We provide organisations with the necessary intelligence and data so that smarter decisions can be made about the path ahead.

  • Impact

    Obtain a benchmark estimate of the incremental investment needed for a rebrand and understand industry averages.

  • Impact

    • An in-depth, inside-out investigation into the financial, organisational and visual impacts of a brand change/rebrand.
    • Assess the feasibility, prioritisation, timeframes, risks and opportunities associated with different rebranding scenarios.
    • Learn how to minimise rebranding investment and deliver synergies and streamlining as part of brand change.
  • Brand Performance

    Analyse how effectively your brand is managed and organised, across all touchpoints and channels, compared to industry peers and best practices.

  • Brand

    Measure, monitor and improve the current performance of your brand through real-time insight into relevant data and brand metrics.

Data-driven insights

What are the costs of a brand change?

Answer a few simple questions and one of our brand experts will contact you to explain our preliminary cost indication, based on best practices and benchmark data from relevant organisations.