With The BrandTicker you can track the perception of your brand in real time, as well as how your brand value compares with that of your competitors.

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The BrandTicker is an analytical application that your organisation can use to see what is being said about your brand in online and offline media in real time. The BrandTicker also knows your brand’s voice and how the way your brand expresses itself can influence brand perception and brand value.

How does the BrandTicker work?

The BrandTicker uses advanced technology to establish a direct link between individual expressions and brand performance. This happens 24/7 in 10 languages, checking over 500 brand opinions across more than 10,000 international titles in both offline and online media. The collected information is accessible and easy to analyse.

Besides tracking reputation, the BrandTicker provides the opportunity to highlight specific topics. It provides an overview of the issues relevant to you and offers up-to-date insight into reputational risks and the ROI of your media investment. This allows the BrandTicker to replace a multitude of existing media monitoring tools at a lower cost.

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