The 2017 European Communication Summit took place in Brussels last week, and brought together some of Europe’s best and brightest communications professionals. On Thursday 29th June we launched ‘Future-Proof Your Brand’ during an afternoon session with an expert panel discussion, hosted and moderated by Karin Helmstaedt.

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The launch

Our CEO, Marc Cloosterman, co-author of ‘Future-Proof Your Brand’ began the session by introducing the audience to the key themes and topics outlined in the book, and the journey that has led to its release. The book addresses the huge paradigm shift that the world of brands is currently facing, and the need for sustainable and agile brand implementation and management if any brand hopes to be successful in the future.

Marc then handed the stage over to Karin and our panel of industry experts, Dr. Herbert Heitmann, President of the EACD, Cees van Riel, Professor of Corporate Communications at Erasmus University, Hans Koeleman, Director Corporate Communications & CSR at KPN, and Laurens Hoekstra, our CSO and also co-author of ‘Future-Proof Your Brand’.

Panel discussion

The panel discussed building bridges between the creative world and the practical implementation of brands, as well as how the general topic of ‘brand’ can often be overlooked inside the boardroom because there isn’t enough awareness about how far the brand reaches within all areas of an organisation.

The discussion highlighted how upcoming shifts in trends, especially technology, will greatly impact how brands are delivered, perceived and managed. The ability to adapt and react to these trends is a skill that any brand will need to master in order to remain current and future-proof.

Thank you to everyone who attended the session. If you are interested in reading ‘Future-Proof Your Brand’, it is currently available on Amazon Kindle, and will soon be available to purchase in print on Amazon too.

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